Ranks and how much tiles you need to achieve them.

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Ranks and how much tiles you need to achieve them.

Post  scoobysnakcers on Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:52 pm

Well i have a lot of ranks. The ranks that im thinking is kinda realistic. So when you start the server, you are a peasant, you have no rights but to build in the wild. Then when you own 100 tiles, you become a villager then 400 tiles is commoner, 800 tiles is citizen, 1200 tiles is lord. Then starting with wild tiles 100 is gentry, 400 is yeoman, 800 is nobleman/noblewoman. then once you have mixed lands. you have to own cities and the ranks for those are 2,500 tiles mixed is baron, 10,000 tiles mixed is duke/duchness, 30,600 is prince/princess, 62,500 is king/queen and last 125,00 is emporer/empress.


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