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Ingame Rules

Post  Jerry on Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:50 pm

NOTE: Rules may change check them often. Staff have the power to increase or expand the punishment if you argue.

1.) Staff will NOT give away items, so do not ask. [Results in Mute]

2.) Do not whine if killed its a survival server. [Results in Mute

3.) Do not camp spawn. [Results in Jail]

4.) Do not bother staff repeatedly if they have given an answer you do not like. [Results in Mute]

5.) No client hacks or mods (anything that gives you an advantage). [Results in Ban]

6.) No whining if you are griefed. It's a survival server your land your items, and anything you have is fair game. [Results in Mute]

7.) Do not place random blocks around server map. [Results in Jail]

8.) No harrasing other players in chat (light profanity allowed). [Results in Jail and/or Mute]

9.) Don't dig or build near spawn. [Results in Jail]

Spam buildings - It is not allowed to go around placing random blocks, floating blocks and/or creating creating random water/lavafalls.

- It is not allowed to purposely destroy an intended protected area.

- No following someone around killing them whenever they leave spawn, preventing them from playing the game.
- Repetitive killing outside of spawn is prohibited.

- Profanity: It is allowed to say a minor swear word every now and then.

- SPAM: Never spam, this consists of macros and regular spamming. Any kind of repetive sending of a message is spam.

- Flame Wars: Do not have flame wars in public chats or you will be muted and warned. Failure to adhere to warnings will result in you to be fined money/items or potentially a temporary ban.

- DO NOT DUPE! Duping or obtaining items/worth in any form is never allowed. If we are suspicious of you duping we might act without warning, be warned. We have Zero tolerance for this.

- Do not try to impersonate others.

- Nicknames: Nicknames are allowed to be used only if they contain a part of your original name.

- Do not go off and randomly build structures that serve no roleplay or survival purpose. If unprotected they may get griefed by others AND potentially cleared by admin.
*Do not ask for protection or you will be muted.

- Trees:If you ever go cut down a tree, make sure you cut them down all the way. For everyone’s sake, do not leave FLOATING trees. You will be fined money or items.

– There is no ruling on trading. It’s a free for all market. Regardless we advise you to trade within protected borders for both parties.

General faction rules:
- Everyone is allowed to start up a faction. However, factions are only considered “Major” when you have atleast 5 active members. Major factions will be given preference over minor factions.
- If you are to leave a faction, you may not taking ANYTHING with you UNLESS faction leader has expressively given you the said right. You will be fined money/items or potentially banned if you do take items without permission.

Politics rules
- The admins of a faction will be considered ultimately responsible for the on-goings of factions. Factions may choose a spokesman to represent them.
- The Faction Leader may kick a member out anytime he/she wishes to.

Exploitation – General offensive acts to test the technicalities of all rules while dismissing the principles of the rules will result in admin intervention. – If thou finds a way to exploit something thou shalt not use it but instead bring it to the attention of the admins.

– You may not use any cheats we deem inappropriate. If you are not sure what cheats are not allowed, ask the Admins. You will be kicked and pottentionally banned if caught. Further abuse can/will result in temp or permanent bans. An example: if the ‘cheat’ would give you an unfair adventage over other people, ie; x-ray, speed glitches and/or flying. It is NOT allowed.

- If an admin is in /afk mode, you may not harm or kill the admin. Regardless of the fact if they have a “god mode” on or not. Failure to do so can result into a fine of items and/or money to a potentional temporary ban.
*If they are active and not in said Admin mode, feel free to pillage and salvage them.

- No arguing with the Admins or demand worldly goods or status from them. Their word is law.

– Rules will update time to time. It is your duty to keep up with any new rules that come along.


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