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Minecraft Survive

Post  Jerry on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:24 pm

This is the basic layout and rules of how our server's minigame minecraft survive will work.

1.) Killing others players is not allowed

2.) bringing outside items into the game is not allowed.

Minecraft Survive layout.
The game will last 15-30 minecraft Days.
The object of the game is to stay alive, and kill all hostiles.
Their will be two groups in two different rooms in the mall.
The two groups are in this structure.

1.) The leader decides how the group will set about surviving. What supplies to go after. When to go. How many protecters go and what they do.

2.)The runner is to do what leader says, like running for the supply caches and run back to the base.

3.)The protecters job is one of the most important.

4.) keep the zombies off the runner, and keep the path back to the base clear of zombies.

Each game is hosted by a staff member. The game cannot be played without a staff member.

It's best if their is two groups playing at the same time. The groups will have the ability to trade supplies the scavenge from each other.

NOTE: This game is in alpha testing more rules and game settings will be added.

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